Our next run is at the Millvale Park Picnic on Tuesday, May 29th
Celebrating 32 years of running downtown!
New start time is 6:00 pm.
What does it cost to join?
Nothing. The only cost is for what you eat/drink at the restaurant after the run. Occaisionally we have a picnic and ask everyone to bring something. Other than that, there are no dues, fees, etc.
I'm in town for the month/week/day. Can I run with you today?
No need to ask; anyone who shows up is welcome to run with us.
How often do I need to show up?
Once. Or every week. Or somewhere in between. Really we'd love to see you each week, but just show up as often as fits your schedule.
How do I join your mailing list?
It's simple. Send an from your favorite email address. Someone will vet your note and add you. We are very inclusive, but we also try to avoid collecting spambots. If your email is obscure, it would help if you add quick "Hi, I'm Fred. We met last week. I had on the Five Fingers," so we know who you are.
It's thundering/scorching/freezing out. Are you really running today?
Uhm, no one said we were smart. We're runners after all. Not everyone shows up every time but someone is always there.
Do I have to eat with you?
We're not buying so you are free to join us or not. Our feelings won't be hurt if you don't stay but we'd love it if you did.
When do you meet?
Tuesdays at 5:45 p.m. We start running at 6:00. Try to be there early so you can look at the map and ask questions (you'll understand when you see the maps or if you are not from Pittsuburgh). If you are late you will have to decipher the maps on your own. There are a few maps left behind at each venue for late-comers.
How can I find the group?
Show up at the venue listed on our Schedule for the current week and look for a bunch of folks dressed in running gear. If it's cold or wet, you might find us huddling inside.
How far do you run?
Most people run about 6 miles. Some people run more, some run less. Some people actually walk. We provide 6 mile maps and our members can help you figure out something in your range.
Do I need to bring anything?
The short answer is no. However, most folks do bring a change of clothes for after the run. This is nice after a hot summer run or a rainy spring/fall run. Also, if you want something to eat, bring some money for dinner.
Where can I change?
Many people change before they show up. Others change in the restroom of the restaurant. Some people change in their cars. How much of a free spirit are you?
Can someone give me a ride?
Maybe. You'll have to get to the group, meet some people, get to know them, and ask them yourself.
Are there other groups in town like yours?
Yes. There is a group sponsored by the Pittsburgh Sports League which meets on Thursdays at 6:15 for a 6:30 run. Check out their running forum or contact for information on their next run.
What about other questions?
If you have another question that isn't answered here Someone will evenually get back to you. :-)