Meet at the week's restaurant Tuesday at 5:45 p.m.  Start running at 6:00.  Stay for food and drink (if you're so inclined). 

Still have questions?  We have some answers.


What does it cost to join?

Nothing.  The only cost is whatever you eat or drink after the run.  No dues.  No fees.

I'm just in town for the day.  Can I join?

Of course!  Everyone who shows up is welcome.

I'm afraid of COMMITMENT.  HOw often will I need to show up?

Of course we would love to see you every week.  But really, it's up to you.  We'll be here, rain or shine, so come anytime you'd like.

When should I get there?

We meet Tuesdays at 5:45 p.m.  We start running at 6:00.  We recommend getting there early so that you have some time to find a running buddy or look at the map and ask questions - especially if you're new to Pittsburgh.  There are no grids in the streets of the Steel City, and when Darrin is making the maps, the routes really don't go straight.

That said, if you're late, we always try to leave behind extra maps for late-comers.

How do I find you?

Look for a group of people standing around outside of this week's bar in varying shades of neon.  (Or huddling inside if it's cold or wet.)

How far do you run?

Most people run 6 miles, some will run 4 miles.  We always have 4- and 6-mile maps available.  There is also usually a group of walkers.  And sometimes folks will go rogue, adapting the map to run more or less.

Do I need to be fast?

Absolutely not, we have people running a range of speeds.  Typical Tuesday night paces range from the speedy folks at 7:00/mile all the way to runners enjoying a 10:00 or 11:00/mile pace.  And there's usually a group of walkers as well.  There are no formal pace groups, so ask around when you arrive, and we'll introduce you to runners who will be around your target pace.

Do I need to bring anything?

In theory, no.  However, many people bring a change of clothes for after the run.  And, you know, money for food and drink afterward.

Where can I change?

Option A: Before you arrive.  Option B: In the restaurant bathroom.  Option C: In your car. 

Honestly, option C is the most common solution.  It takes some practice and strategically placed towels, but it is a valuable life skill.

Do I have to eat with y'inz?

Of course not, our feelings won't be hurt.  But we're pretty fun.  We'd love to get to know you.

there's a thunderstorm / snow storm / heat advisory.  You're not running, are you?!?

If you're brave enough to get out there, at least one (crazy) runner from the club will be too.

How can I join the email List?

Send a note to this email address, and include a note explaining that you want to join the list.

I can't do Tuesdays!  Are there other groups like yours?

There are lots of running groups around the city, but the most similar group is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Sports League.  They follow the same general model, but meet on Thursdays at 6:15 (running at 6:30).  Check out their website or contact Liz for information about their next run.


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