Archive of PWRD Running Routes

Map Guru (Darrin) creates a new route for each run.  If you're looking for this week's route, check the PWRD Facebook page.  The new route is added a few days before each run.  (And we'll have plenty of hard copies at the start of the run.)

If you're looking for a route you can run on another day, below is the ever-growing archive of Darrin's genius (or sadism, depending on your point of view).  Maps are organized by neighborhood and labeled by the location of the starting/ending bar.


Lawrenceville Routes


This route takes you from Upper Lawrenceville through Bloomfield.

Strip District Routes

Beer hive

A favorite route of Darrin's.  Nice hills and nice gardens.


If you always wondered what it was like to run through Troy Hill from the Strip District, this route is your chance.