Membership Levels

Because each runner approaches PWRD in their own way.

standard Membership


Perfect for most runners, it includes:

  • Running and/or walking 4-6 miles on any Tuesday you’re willing and able

  • Drinking, eating, and socializing afterward is optional, but encouraged

Social Membership


Specially designed for injured runners, it includes:

  • Skipping the run

  • Mandatory drinking, eating, and/or socializing afterward

  • Commiseration and discussion of treatment plans, physical therapists, and magical cures with other currently or recently injured runners

bad-ass Membership


For the deeply dedicated runner who laughs in the face of weather, it includes:

  • Coming nearly every Tuesday, especially when the weather is crummy

  • The right to mock anyone who skips a run because of a little drizzle

Fragile Membership


You know who you are. This level includes:

  • Attendance is limited to Tuesdays when the sun is shining, there’s 0% chance of precipitation, and the temperature isn’t too low and isn’t too high.

Ready to join? Show up at our next Tuesday run. That’s it. There are no fees, no registration, no signing up. Just come out, run, walk, and have a good time. We’re simple people.